The name Grit Geek is based on combining both those separate words together. Grit, a person’s immeasurable passion and motivation for their long-term goals, to do whatever it takes to achieve what they want in life. Geek, a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit (stereotypically technology, video games, media culture).

Combining these two, we formed Grit Geek, a new site for viewers to look for great reviews on smartphones, tablets, gadgets and accessories. Some tech news will also be published here too, to keep things gritty and geeky.

Why Are We Here? 

Our existence is simply the result of combining the passions and interests of our founders to create a site that shows our love for tech, and to display the effort we put in. We love writing reviews, and we also love being actually informative, smart and educational to our readers.

The Grit Geek Promise

We work with brands, but we’re not sellouts, so if you’re looking for a site that will bombard you with ads, read-from-the-box with some added opinions content, we sincerely apologise that we are not that kind of portal. We love the products we review. This site is not only built on passion, but also survival. Even at our expense, we just prefer proritize delivering better content, simply because readers deserve a platform to do their pre-purchase research and learn more about tech. A site where you can not only read up on specs, but also to learn about their qualities and perhaps discover new aspects of them. This includes real experiences by real users who actually studied and used the device to the core, and in turn learn tips and tricks that can make user experiences better.

In short, we just want to make this space our own, and hopefully, yours too.


We at Grit Geek promise to always uphold our high standards of content, to be always accurate and informative, and to always put your interests as readers before ours.