GritGeek is Malaysia’s premier consumer technology media company.

Built to cater to all levels of audience knowledge on consumer technology, our goal is to keep our audiences well informed, educated and entertained.

GritGeek is the everyday internet user’s source for consumer technology reviews, videos and other forms of media. 

A guide to finding the right devices to match their needs.

Why Are We Here?

We’re just here to showcase our love for tech, the effort we put in and being the change we want to see in the industry. Expect our reviews to be actually informative, smart and educational .

The Grit Geek Promise

We generally do not accept mediocrity as a base of reviewing. We don’t want to be like everybody else, and therefore take another path in our direction. We love the products we review. We love the brands we work with. This site is not only built on passion, but also survival.

Even at our expense, we prefer delivering better content, simply because readers deserve a platform to do their pre-purchase research and learn more about comtech. A site where you can not only read up on specs, but also to learn about their qualities and perhaps discover new aspects of them.

This includes real experiences by real users who actually studied and used the device to the core, and in turn learn tips and tricks that can make user experiences better.

In short, we just want to make this space our own, and hopefully, yours too.