Samsung’s Note 7 Re-entering Market (Refurbished)

It seems the tale of the Note 7 has still not come to an end. A report surfaced. claiming that Samsung has plans to sell refurbished Note 7’s back into the market. The major difference would be obviously the change in batteries. The previous Galaxy Note 7 was fitted with a 3500mAh battery, while the refurbished units will range between 3000 – 3200mAh. New housings will also be built as a refresh, and the remaining hardware will be used (processor, GPU, storage, camera)


The devices are making its way to India, Vietnam, and probably South Korea as well. Other countries may take a longer time to convince (such as US, Europe and Japan), but we have our hopes up. The move to refurbish and resell is a sound strategy to mitigate losses in revenue and environmental costs. It is rather costly and damaging to just dispose around over 2 million Note 7’s.

Samsung had taken swift and efficient steps to identify the battery issues, and what caused them to do what they did. Having lower capacity batteries may solve one of the problems, as well as making sure that there are protection systems built-in to prevent overheating and combustion, since quick charging is becoming the norm for smartphones these days.

As for the matter of price it is still yet to be determined, as it can affect the consumer’s perception of the model and how likely they are willing to adopt the device. Emerging markets are being targeted first, suggesting that the Note 7 may come in at a lower price. There’s currently no news about the device coming back to Malaysia, but we’re sure it would come back for the better.






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