New iPad Pros, New Red iPhone 7 Series This March?

Apple’s annual WWDC will be coming around this June, with confirmed rumours of a special event being dedicated this March to upkeep their iPad empire, with a dash of iPhone as well.

Macotakara had reported that Apple’s current iPad 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models are expected to have upgrades in terms of specs, among the rest of Apple’s typical annual practicies.

*not the actual color

This report also claimed that 2 new iPad Pros may enter into the market. Expect a 7.9-inch iPad mini Pro and a 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Why the peculiar sizes we’re not sure, but what’s speculated is that the 10.5-incher may be sporting a bezel-less design. Whatever it is, we’re pretty much looking forward to the rumor of the iPhone 7 series getting a new red color. It’s too bad they planned to release it after Chinese New Year. Great sales figures could have been reached at that time. The iPhone SE may also come in a 128GB flavor as well, and we’re quite certain that there’ll be no red color for this one.

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