[Review] Marshall Major II : A Major Improvement From The First

Marshall Major II

Marshall Major II




  • Very Stylish
  • Great for bass heads
  • Very Comfy
  • Flexible headband


  • Not a single bag, pouch or case
  • Plastic may not hold well from rough use
  • No volume control

This is Marshall’s 2nd generation Major, the Major II. They look very identical, the Major II comes with an updated design as well as improved sound.


When I had my first Major, it was a breath of nostalgia. The design was so similar to their guitar amps and speakers, that it gave out a retro look that played out pretty well. The same retro outlook is still present on the Major II, with the difference being  the body and cups being more rounded. As always you’ll find the classic Marshall wording embossed on the vinyl body of the headphones.

The body features a fully collapsible construction that folds inward for you to stow away in your own pouch or case. Sadly, the Major II does not come with a pouch or case, nor even a dust bag! The plastic brackets are very fragile, and may break easily if you’re not careful or gentle when handling the headphones, so be very careful when using or stowing away for travel. One of the reasons to justify why there are more plastics on this model is for more flexibility in exchange for some points off durability. The hinges and headband can stretch well and adapt well enough to fit your head comfortably.

The headphones feature dual 3.5 mm jacks, one on each side, for you to plug in to whichever side you preferred. The dual jacks also allow you  to plug in an additional cord of earphones or headphones for you to share what you’re listening to.


The provided cord is detachable (double-ended and coiled) with an attached microphone and single button remote that’s compatible with Android and iOS. The L-plug is the end where you use to plug into your device, which is pretty ergonomic and durableThis is pretty useful as you can always swap out to a different cord out of preference or the stock wearing and tearing after long term use. All the basic functions of the button are present, such as a single press for playing or pausing music, double for skipping to the next track, and of course answering and hanging up calls. The only function that’s not present is obviously not being able to change your volume, which can be frustrating at times.

Audio Performance

At first sight, you can even see that the Major II is looks ideal for Rock , Pop and some bass-heavy tracks. You’d be right, because it uses a closed system where it barely leaks noise and efficiently blocks out ambient noise. The low bass frequency of 10Hz makes it superbly ideal for bass heavy music. We’ve listened to Chainsmoker’s All We Know, and the bass was not only heavy enough to feel that thumping satisfaction from the cups, but also able to let us still be able to hear the electronic melodies with a certain level of clarity. We’ve also played ACDC’s Thunderstruck. The riffs were clear and heavy with the drums in the background being very audible and in-between soft and heavy. Brian Johnson’s voice was crisp and soft, which brought out the entire medley, with our fists in the air while we shouted ‘THUNDER!’

It’s got a really high impedance of 64 Ohms which means you might want to try using an amp to bring out the best volume levels. It’s certainly not needed, and it still plays pretty loud and clear on its own. The highest frequency is 20 kHz, which is pretty normal with nothing to shout about (unless you’re Brian Johnson).



Retailing for RM 599, the Marshall Major II may feel expensive, but it’s definitely absolute that you get what you pay for; an extermely stylish pair of headphones that comes in a variety of colors (Brown, Pitch black, black, and white), similar to their guitar amps. It’s well balanced, with audio response that’s clean with excellent bass and crispy highs and mids. If you’re not really a bass person, then the Major II might not be for you.


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